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About - Win Scutt
About Win

Win Scutt has been selected as Green Party candidate for South West Devon.

Win, 61, has lived in Ermington, Devon for 22 years. He works as a Properties Curator at English Heritage.
Following his successful selection at a meeting of local party members, Win pledged to make protecting local A&E services, funding for Devon’s schools and securing a referendum on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations a priority for his campaign and, if elected, his work as an MP.

Win said:
“I have a real commitment to working with the community, not just locally but worldwide. I have worked on community projects in Plymouth – like the Drake’s Place Gardens and Reservoir; and tourism and water projects in Ghana and Nepal.
“Having lived in the area for most of my life, I care deeply about the needs of local people, who have been ignored by the Conservative government. We need someone who can speak up for us in Parliament. As a nation, we should be ashamed to have 3.9 million people in ‘persistent poverty’; a quarter of a million homeless; and the worst ever NHS performance figures.
“If elected I shall stand up for South West Devon so that we can see improvements in our libraries, leisure facilities and services, campaign for better funding for the NHS, especially for mental health; and for increased funding for science, education and apprenticeships.”

An award-winning broadcaster and archaeologist, Win has a lifelong passion for archaeology and enthusing people about the past and their landscapes. He looks after the conservation of 135 properties from Scilly to Cheshire – including Stonehenge, Kenilworth Castle and Tintagel Castle. He has also worked as an archaeologist with the BBC for 27 years – including regular slots on BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Devon. Win has lived in the South West Devon constituency for more than 30 years.