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Win Scutt for South West Devon. Vote green 2017

Win Scutt for South West Devon

If I am elected as your MP, I will stand for people and the planet, focusing on what matters to you. I will focus upon protecting local NHS services and securing a referendum on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations; ensuring a fair deal for all. I will ensure increased funding for education, for Devon’s schools, for science and for apprenticeships.

The Green Party has the expertise and commitment to influence sound and sustainable economics, social policy and security. The country is experiencing the worst ever NHS performance figures and so I will strive for increased funding for health services, especially mental health.

I shall stand up for a referendum on the terms negotiated for Brexit. If the terms are not good enough, we need to be able to say ‘no’ and find a fairer deal. We need to keep our options open to remain in the EU, to ensure that our children’s future is not jeopardised. I believe that the future of Britain is best served by close links with Europe.

I shall stand up for fair prices for our farmers, the future of our fisheries, for civil liberties and human rights, for people and our environment; providing balance to the power of corporations. I shall campaign against nuclear weapons and for doing our fair share for genuine refugees.

Having lived in the South West Devon for over 30 years, I am passionate about our landscape, our environment and our future. My career with English Heritage has involved me in caring for the past. Now let’s ensure a sustainable future.


  • Keep our NHS services free and local hospitals open.
  • Ensure parity between mental and physical health.
  • Provide free social care for everyone in need over 65.


  • Scrap tuition fees and reinstate maintenance grants.
  • Reverse school budget cuts, investing an additional £7bn.
  • End SATs and the school academies programme.


  • Monitor and reduce air pollution in urban areas
  • Return the railways to public hands to stop profits being put before passengers.
  • Invest in cycling networks

Vote for what YOU believe in

Vote for a progressive society – Vote Green

Vote WIN SCUTT on June 8th


  • Provide people with the final say on the terms of leaving the EU, once the final Brexit deal is known, including the choice to stay in the EU if the deal is detrimental.
  • End austerity and reinvest into public services.
  • Increase the minimum wage to reach a living wage of £10 an hour by 2020.
  • Protect workers’ rights.
  • Impose a Robin Hood Tax on banks and close tax loopholes.


  • Ensure EU environment legislation is stringently retained in UK law.
  • Support farmers to protect wildlife and biodiversity.
  • End the badger cull.
  • Stop the use of pesticides that kill bees.
  • Work internationally to prevent global temperatures rising by 1.5 degrees.
  • Stop fracking and phase out both nuclear power and fossil-fuel based energy generation.


  • Abolish the cruel and unfair bedroom tax.
  • Invest in social housing to help low income families and young people.
  • Cap rent and introduce longer tenancies to provide greater protection for renters.
  • Invest in building insulation and renewable energy.
  • Reform the planning system to provide better protection for the environment in which you live.

Get Involved!

The Green Party is 99% made up of volunteers – this is how we’ve been running for over 40 years. There is so much to do to win elections, we rely on volunteers and welcome your help.  Whatever skillset or ability you have, you will be an asset to us.